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Express yourself.

  • We love people.
  • ‌We do not use ‘sweatshop’ workers overseas
  • ‌ALL of our products are printed and shipped from the USA
  • We process orders 7 Days a Week!
  • ‌We give you the highest quality products that are available
  • ‌We give fair wages to all of our employees
  • ‌We ship internationally
  • ‌We have warehouses in California & North Carolina, USA & in Europe so you get your stuff ASAP
  • ‌Shipping almost always takes 1-5 business days (depending on location)
  • We LOVE doing custom orders!

 Why “Wish Pickle”?

A better question is,

“Why not?”

Wish Pickle designs and produces clothing, books, and other products.  We believe words are packages for whole worlds of thought, and reading is the vehicle to travel.