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What does RTS mean?

If you’re scrolling through our products and you find something you love, there are two ways we get it to you. Either it’s made for you when you order it or it’s Ready To Ship (RTS)

Almost all of our clothing designs start life as a great idea. A customer writes to us and asks us if we can make their design come to life. Nine times out of ten, we can!  After they receive their product we hang onto the design. To cut down on storage and overhead we keep the design in stock electronically and print it onto the article of clothing when it is ordered. Depending upon how busy we are, that could take like ten minutes, or it may take a few days.

The same goes for many of our posters, mugs, bags, and shoes.

RTS, on the other hand, is already made up, printed, sewed, whatever it needed to be a finished product, and it is ready to be sent out to a new owner.

Very occasionally someone orders something, but after we’ve started producing it their payment fails or their address is determined to be wrong, or they change the size. What do we do with those already made products? They become RTS!

Other times we find it’s more cost and time effective to produce a quantity of a product, like posters, or some accessories. We keep the extras on hand for shipping out immediately when we get an order.

What you need to know is that if we have something that is RTS, it will get to you possibly days before it would have otherwise.

What you also need to know is that if you see one of our designs you love, but it’s not on the shirt you love, tell us! 99% of the time we can put the artwork you want on a shirt, or bag, or poster, or mug, or sweatshirt, or flag — just like you wished for.

On the bottom right of each page is a little chat window. What is it that you want? Click and start talking.