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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where do you get your ideas for products?

A. Sometimes the designer comes up with an idea on her own. Other times someone sends us an idea. When that happens all sorts of groovy stars go into alignment!  If you have an idea for a product you would like, CLICK HERE to read about how that works. 


Q. What about expedited shipping? I want my stuff faster!

A. Patience, butterfly. We print each item as we receive the orders, which means we can have a bunch of different items and designs in our catalog every single moment of every single day, without having to keep a warehouse full of stuff on hand.  While we can ship faster, we can’t always print and sew and prepare your product faster. You may get your stuff a couple of days earlier with expedited service. 

  • Printing/preparing/sewing product: 3-8 days, depending upon the item and how many orders are ahead of yours. 
  • Shipping time: 2-4 days
  • Total time from order until it’s in your hands: 5-12 days, with 6-7 being the most likely. 

If you still want to expedite your order please note that when you order and we will adjust your shipping cost accordingly.

CLICK HERE for shipping rates.




Important Shipping Information

At this time Wish Pickle uses a Flat Rate shipping cost system. When you order more than one of any given item, for instance 2 T-shirts or 4 pillows, at one time in the same shopping cart, the system will charge you a flat rate for each. As our thanks to you for your order, we will REFUND you a portion of your shipping cost as a Rebate Coupon to use next time you shop with us!

Our rates are as follows:

Flat rate shipping prices

Product USA INT’L
Garment $5.00 $10.00
Sweatshirt $8.00 $11.00
Posters (smaller than 24×36) $7.95 $14.95
Posters – 24×36 9.95 17.95
Framed Posters (smaller than 24×36) $15.95 $49.95
Framed Posters – 24×36 $29.95 $199.95
Canvas Wall Art (smaller than 24×36) $13.95 $49.95
Canvas Wall Art – 24×36 $29.95 $199.95
Cups/Mugs $6.95 $16.95
Totes & Bags $5.00 $10.00
Pillows $10.00 $17.00
Phone Cases $3.50 $12.00
Stickers/Decals $0.75 $2.00
Socks $3.50 $12.00
Towels $10.00 $17.00
Jewelry/Necklaces $3.50 $12.00
Custom Products TBD TBD

Custom Fees Notice

Shipments outside of the USA may incur customs fees, depending on destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors. You are responsible for these fees.