Got an idea?

We get our inspiration from many different sources, but one of our favorite methods is to get a message from someone – like YOU – who says, “Man, I have this far out idea in my head and I really wish it was on a t-shirt. Can you do it?”

From there our designers come up with the design and offer it in our Wish Pickle Shop. Now anyone can buy that far out idea and in return we give the person who inspired us a star on our Outa Sight Wall of Fame.  We’re working on some groovy rewards for how many stars a person has.

Usually it comes about like this. Someone wants a decorative t-shirt or a baby announcement or something and it’s a really unique idea so they can’t find it anywhere. They send us a message and we say, “cool, we can do that.”  So, we make their super custom design for NO EXTRA CHARGE and we give them a star for coming up with such an awesome design. They order the product they want the design on, and then we make it available to everyone.

Some important stuff to know. Once you send us an idea, you have no legal claim over it. Sorry. We research it to make sure it’s free to use, and let the designers fight over who gets to use it – sometimes they each do a version which is awesome – and they create the artwork, we print and produce it, and then it goes in our store.

Let’s be clear: once you send us an idea you are releasing any claim you have to copyright, ownership, future children, or anything. In return we give you some rewards and attribution.

Do you want us to design something for you for  NO EXTRA CHARGE ?  |*|

|*| Though we will make your custom design at no extra charge, you will have to pay for the product. Sorry, man. It’s how we make our bread.

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