Hippie, Hipster, or Boho? Which Style Do You Claim as Your Own?

Here at Wish Pickle we often times describe ourselves as hippies. Other times we might say we’re more boho. And depending upon the day and the situation, we can come across as pure snarky hipster. So what’s the difference?

Hippie: a counter-culture based on the rejection of the establishment as reflected by behavior, hairstyle, and clothing choices.  It’s been said hippies were political, and that they rejected the status quo, but not all hippies were focusing on political issues and dropping acid. Many just wanted to be free to live their lives as they chose.

Hippie, Hipster, or Boho? Which Style Do You Claim as Your Own?


From “Jesus Freaks” to drug users at Haight-Ashbury to the peace loving commune dwellers, you can’t pin them down to just one ideal or lifestyle.  One thing we can be sure of though. Hippies favored bright colorful styles with imagery of nature, peace, and psychedelic designs.

Boho, on the other hand, is short for Bohemian. There was actually a country called Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic, so be careful when using the full name because it could be considered offensive. The way we use the term boho now refers to a loose, comfortable, open-minded style of dress and decor.  There doesn’t seem to be much philosophical idealism associated with being boho beyond being a free thinker, but it’s a fun, eclectic style.

Hipster, the newest trend, is quite different from the other two. Trendy and cutting edge, the hipster style evolves. Individuality is so important to this look, that by virtue of being so different, a group of hipsters out for an evening are clearly defined by their non-association to any one conventional style. A couple things trending in hipster universe right now are beards and dark glasses.  Man buns might have reached their peak.  Sarcasm and wit are rated high on the scale of favored hipster skills.

Whichever style you embrace, just own it. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks, does it?

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