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How to hold a virtual party during the pandemic

Some of our customizable and stock invitations

If you are stuck at home because of stay-at-home orders, or personal quarantine, you can still include guests in any celebration!

1. Invitations

Let everyone know when, and how to attend your party. You can send out paper invitations, or keep it virtual by sending high-quality invitations via text, email, or Facebook. There are plenty of ways to include others in your celebration while keeping your distance. If you have already sent out paper invitations, contact everyone on your list and give them information for a Zoom, FaceTime group, Google Hangout, or Skype call. If you sent electronic invitations, update them with links to the virtual party. If you haven’t created invitations yet, we have you covered with customized invitations. It’s like having your own graphics department! You can print them on your home printer, or with a photo service like Walmart or Walgreen. If you opt for a virtual invitation, we’ll make sure it’s sized for how you want to distribute it – email, text, or Facebook.  

2. Decorate

What’s a party without decorations? Go all out! Hang streamers, balloons, and garlands so that your virtual guests can see the fun from their camera’s viewpoint.    Pick a theme and take it over the top. If you need inspiration, search Pinterest for ideas. Make sure the view you’ll be “broadcasting” the party from is decorated the most.

3. Colorful ideas

If you are having a gender reveal party, you might be wondering how to create the big reveal. Almost anything you had planned for an in-person reveal can be adjusted for your virtual party. Just be sure and capture the moment with your camera. If you are stumped, talk to us and we might have some ideas.

4. Entertainment

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Here are some ideas:

  • Costume Party: ask your guests to “attend” in a costume that goes along with your theme.
  • Dance Party: turn up the music and show off your stuff. You could even hold a contest and let everyone vote on who has the best moves.
  • Games: Charades and Pictionary are two games that could easily be adapted for a virtual party. If you and your guests are involved in Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), look into how you can all meet up within your MMORPG world. https://www.lifewire.com/the-top-mmorpgs-813063  
  • Host a watch party where everyone watches a Netflix movie together and chats. You can even send them popcorn and candy to eat while you are virtually together. Choose a flick that goes with your theme.

5. Dress the part

Even if you aren’t having a costume party, encourage your guests to look like they are at a party. You can include a note on your invitations such as “Party clothes, please!”

6. Gifts

Your guests can mail or porch drop the presents ahead of time. Save them for the gift-opening portion of the party, so that everyone can join in the surprise of seeing what was received. If the gifts are being sent via Amazon or some other retailer, and will not be wrapped, consider having someone other than the recipient of the gifts open the boxes and wrap the gifts inside beforehand.

7. Food

If you are celebrating a birthday, you have to have everyone sing “Happy Birthday” with the birthday person blowing out the candles! If your budget and energy allow, you can order bakery items for your guests through a local business or even an online one. Whole Foods bakery items are available for order using Amazon Prime, or if your guests are local to you, just bake up a batch of cupcakes and porch drop them. Even if you don’t supply cake for your guests, you still have to sing Happy Birthday. You can also suggest party foods with a theme like Mexican cuisine or snack foods.

8. Have fun!

Above all else, enjoy yourself.

Some of our customizable and stock invitations

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where do you get your ideas for products?

A. Sometimes the designer comes up with an idea on her own. Other times someone sends us an idea. When that happens all sorts of groovy stars go into alignment!  If you have an idea for a product you would like, CLICK HERE to read about how that works. 


Q. What about expedited shipping? I want my stuff faster!

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