Wish Pickle Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

We’re turning our eyes toward the holidays. Flower Child has been busy designing Thanksgiving and Christmas orders. 

The Journey
The next installment of The Journey is here! The family set out in their bus, not finished as they had hoped but warm and roadworthy. But something strange seems to be happening.  Number 2 here!
In the style of the old Last Whole Earth Catalog, we present the beginning of The Journey, the story of a family seeking something. Along the way
they have adventures. We don’t know where they’re going or what is going to happen to them but every week or so we’re going to add to their story. Read the beginning here: The Journey
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Hippie Chick and Flower Child

The Journey: Chapter Two

The Journey: 2 (Starting Out)


Before snow flew, Summer and Jeff and painted the outside of the old school bus a flat black. The interior took more time, and they worked on it when they could.

“It’s never going to be done,” she lamented from where she was crouched on the floor screwing down plywood.

Jeff, who was usually cheerful stopped what he was doing. He scowled at her.  Outside it was just beginning to snow but inside the bus it was cozy. The small wood stove was heating up nicely. “We can finish it as we go,” he declared putting his fists on his hips.

The two kids, Brendan and Saige were on the top bunk in the very back of the bus. “Yeah,” Bren called out. “Let’s leave now.”

“I want to have Christmas on the bus,” Saige added.

“I guess I’m out voted,” Summer sighed. It hadn’t been what she was thinking when she complained.

In short order their house was rented out, most of their belongings put in storage, and the bus, though still needing a lot of work, was packed in every nook and cranny. And off they went.

With Jeff behind the wheel, the bus slowly pulled out of their lane and onto the highway, a ribbon of black stretching south between the stark white snowy fields. In the distance trees rose dark  against the sky.

Summer was sitting at the dinette behind Jeff. At first she was watchful, interested in seeing their future unfold before them, but she soon grew bored.

Bren and Saige had retreated to their own bunks, Bren with a book and Saige with her dolls. As the sun rose, the inside of the rolling house grew warm and bright and Summer pulled out her laptop.

“You going to work?” Jeff asked absently.

She gritted her teeth. Everything was relying on her ability to actually sell enough of her artwork to fund this crazy plan. She wasn’t sure she could paint while they drove but she knew she could design other items. She nodded without saying anything, sure he could see her in the huge rear view mirror across the front windshield. She supposed it had originally been for seeing what the school children were up to.

Hours passed, miles were gobbled up under the tires, and still Jeff drove. “When are we going to stop for lunch?” the children whined.

Summer looked up from where she had been, inside the picture developing on her screen. She tilted her head one way and the other, her neck bones crackling. “Jeff, we should think about stopping soon.” She looked at the face of her husband through the huge mirror and he seemed somewhat mesmerized. He never even glanced at her reflection.  She snapped her fingers and raised her voice, “honey,” she said,”take the next rest stop exit. We all need to get out and stretch.”

He seemed to mentally shake his head, a subtle movement but she noticed it, mainly because the peculiar look in his eyes seemed to change. “What’s that?” he mumbled, almost sleepily.

She sat forward, on high alert, looking at him sharply. “Are you okay, Jeff?”

He smiled, a little more like himself. “Sure, I’m fine. Just thinking about stuff, I guess.” He put on the blinker and steered toward the off ramp.


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Wish Pickle Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

Greetings! This is our first ever newsletter and we are so excited to send it out to all of you. 

The Journey

Back when real hippies roamed the earth, there was a big book called The Last Whole Earth Catalog which was full of all sorts of back-to-the-land ideals, with a sprinkling of counter culture revolutionary stuff. On each right hand page there was an installment of a story called Divine Right’s Trip by Gurney Norman. (You can read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divine_Right%27s_Trip)

In the style of the old Last Whole Earth Catalog, we present the beginning of The Journey, the story of a family seeking something. Along the way they have adventures. We don’t know where they’re going or what is going to happen to them but every week or so we’re going to add to their story. Read the beginning here: The Journey
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Hippie Chick and Flower Child

The Journey: Chapter One

The Journey: 1 (The Beginning)


The bus  was old and rusty, the yellow paint long painted over and the new color heavily oxidized. A stove pipe stuck out on one side indicating there was some sort of a wood burner inside, and some of the windows were curtained with moth eaten fabric.  

In another lifetime it had taken children to school and faintly on the front, above the windshield, could be seen the words “School Bus.”

Summer looked at her husband, her brow crinkling. “Tell me again why you bought this relic.”

Jeff rubbed his hands together, trying to warm them against the cold. “We could live in it.” He pointed around them where the sky was heavy gray, and close. “You’re always saying you hate winter here. We could travel.”

Summer just stared at him. It was true she dreaded the coming cold. Northern Wisconsin could get bitter, and snow might be three feet deep. But she had imagined moving to someplace warm, like San Diego, and living in an adobe house with an avocado tree growing in the yard.  “How do you propose we pay for this vagabond lifestyle?”

Jeff was midlevel management at a local bank and she had a job in a shop on Main Street in their small town. They didn’t make a lot of money, nor did they have much in savings. Having two kids kept them living nearly paycheck to paycheck. Jeff just shrugged. “I thought we could travel around to art shows and sell your paintings.”

Summer sighed. She loved to paint but there wasn’t much market for surrealistic Steampunk, Neo-Hippie canvases. Jeff was her champion and believed in her but in this case he might be a little unrealistic. “You might as well show me the inside,” she said reluctantly.

The interior was even worse. Mice and other critters had nested in the cushions and the carpentry was dubious. “Before you get all worked up,” he warned, “I have a plan.”

He was obviously really excited about the bus, and as he marched up and down the length of it, pointing out different features, something wild grew in her heart, something crazy and defiant and trusting.

“The best part,” he finally said, stopping in front of her and taking her hands, “is that if you paint the whole outside of the bus it will be a rolling advertisement for your art.”

She stepped closer and grinned up into his face. “Let’s do it,” she whispered back.

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Take a Tour – Summer of Love in San Francisco

The Magic Bus is a colorfully painted hippie style bus outfitted with a full sound system and video projectors. At times screen lower over the windows turning the bus into a moving movie theater that shows documentary footage of San Francisco’s the Summer of LOVE, the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park and other seminal […]

via Summer of Love Remembered – bus tours — The Sun Singer’s Travels

Hippie, Hipster, or Boho? Which Style Do You Claim as Your Own?

Here at Wish Pickle we often times describe ourselves as hippies. Other times we might say we’re more boho. And depending upon the day and the situation, we can come across as pure snarky hipster. So what’s the difference?

Hippie: a counter-culture based on the rejection of the establishment as reflected by behavior, hairstyle, and clothing choices.  It’s been said hippies were political, and that they rejected the status quo, but not all hippies were focusing on political issues and dropping acid. Many just wanted to be free to live their lives as they chose.

Hippie, Hipster, or Boho? Which Style Do You Claim as Your Own?


From “Jesus Freaks” to drug users at Haight-Ashbury to the peace loving commune dwellers, you can’t pin them down to just one ideal or lifestyle.  One thing we can be sure of though. Hippies favored bright colorful styles with imagery of nature, peace, and psychedelic designs.

Boho, on the other hand, is short for Bohemian. There was actually a country called Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic, so be careful when using the full name because it could be considered offensive. The way we use the term boho now refers to a loose, comfortable, open-minded style of dress and decor.  There doesn’t seem to be much philosophical idealism associated with being boho beyond being a free thinker, but it’s a fun, eclectic style.

Hipster, the newest trend, is quite different from the other two. Trendy and cutting edge, the hipster style evolves. Individuality is so important to this look, that by virtue of being so different, a group of hipsters out for an evening are clearly defined by their non-association to any one conventional style. A couple things trending in hipster universe right now are beards and dark glasses.  Man buns might have reached their peak.  Sarcasm and wit are rated high on the scale of favored hipster skills.

Whichever style you embrace, just own it. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks, does it?

Got an idea?

We get our inspiration from many different sources, but one of our favorite methods is to get a message from someone – like YOU – who says, “Man, I have this far out idea in my head and I really wish it was on a t-shirt. Can you do it?”

From there our designers come up with the design and offer it in our Wish Pickle Shop. Now anyone can buy that far out idea and in return we give the person who inspired us a star on our Outa Sight Wall of Fame.

Usually it comes about like this. Someone wants a decorative t-shirt or a baby announcement or something and it’s a really unique idea so they can’t find it anywhere. They send us a message and we say, “cool, we might be able to do that.”  So, we make their super custom design for NO EXTRA CHARGE. They order the product they want the design on, and then we make it available to everyone.

Some important stuff to know. Once you send us an idea, you have no legal claim over it. Sorry. |**| We research it to make sure it’s free to use, and let the designers fight over who gets to use it – sometimes they each do a version which is awesome – and they create the artwork, we print and produce it, and then it goes in our store.

Do you want us to design something for you for  NO EXTRA CHARGE ?  |*| Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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|*| Though we might make your custom design at no extra charge, you will have to pay for the product. Sorry, man. It’s how we make our bread.

|**| Let’s be clear: once you send us an idea you are releasing any claim you have to copyright, ownership, future children, or anything.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where do you get your ideas for products?

A. Sometimes the designer comes up with an idea on her own. Other times someone sends us an idea. When that happens all sorts of groovy stars go into alignment!  If you have an idea for a product you would like, CLICK HERE to read about how that works. 


Q. What about expedited shipping? I want my stuff faster!

A. Patience, butterfly. We print each item as we receive the orders, which means we can have a bunch of different items and designs in our catalog every single moment of every single day, without having to keep a warehouse full of stuff on hand.  While we can ship faster, we can’t always print and sew and prepare your product faster. You may get your stuff a couple of days earlier with expedited service. 

  • Printing/preparing/sewing product: 3-8 days, depending upon the item and how many orders are ahead of yours. 
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