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Crunchy Mama Vinyl Sticker Decal Waterproof Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Bumper Sticker.


Crunchy Mama vinyl stickers feature an interpretation of how a modern mother approaches parenting. Honoring the Earth, water, and Sun, this design is bright and colorful. A stylized mother holds her baby to her breast while her glowing face looks down on the child, her hair a bright and fiery aura.

Decorate books, journals, outdoor equipment, vehicles, cars, trucks, stroller, campers, trailers, cups, partyware, crafts… you are only limited by your imagination.

The stickers are printed in studio on a color laser printer for long-lasting color. This weatherproof vinyl is most often used for outdoor signs. It is rated to be durable under harsh conditions: Outdoor Use, Freezers, Underwater, etc. Mount them on Plastic, Metal, or other weatherproof backing.

Be warned: The wonderful qualities that make this such a durable product, also makes it hard to remove.

If you are having a hard time removing the sticker from the paper backing try the following try sliding the edge of a knife or a utility blade under the edge. The sticker itself is very thin vinyl. The backing is much thicker. Here are some other suggestions:

UPDATE: We put one of these stickers on a cup and ran it through the dishwasher and it looks the same! I don’t know that it’s recommended but I thought you might like to know. 😉

Your sticker/decal will be mailed in a regular envelope First Class USPS. Shipping is free!


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