House Blessing Spell


Wiccan Spell for Money, Love, Peace, Abundance, and Happiness – Clear Bad Energy

If things haven’t been going so well for you lately, this is a spell to help clear the bad energy out and attract positive energy.

While preparing this spell, the maker claimed sacred power and blessings for love and abundance for you. This spell was created for you, whoever you are. The maker of this spell says she trusts that the Goddess directed her to say the right words, calling the right energy, in the right way especially for you, as she will direct you to acquire it, if it is for you.


Lovely, organic, lavender buds were added first to bring peace into your space. No one can accomplish anything without a gentle spirit. If you have been attracting drama, the peacefulness that lavender brings will counteract it.

Sea Salt carries with it many positive properties and carries away sourness and stagnancy. It is a staple in most spells since it renders purity.

Rice in included for abundance. We usually think of money when we think of abundance, but there are different ways our lives can be enriched with more. Rice signifies to the Universe that you are ready, willing, and able to accept more. Perhaps that will manifest as more money, or more love, or more creativity, or more gifts. But whatever it is, you can be sure that the energy that I infused this spell with is only positive.

Last, sacred white sage was added. It will protect this sacred space for you.

This spell lasts for a season. You should replace it before the next Quarter Day – or Lesser Sabbat. The Lesser Sabbats occur on the equinoxes and solstices which indicate the onset of each of the four seasons of the year.

Yule (Midwinter Solstice) – December 21-23. First day of Winter when the day has the shortest hours and the night is the longest.
Ostara (Spring/Vernal Equinox) – March 21-23. First day of Spring when the day and the night are of equal length.
Litha (Midsummer Solstice) – June 21-23. First day of Summer. The day is longest and the night shortest.
Mabon (Autumn Equinox) – September 21-23. First day of Autumn. Day and night are of equal length.

You can add this spell to your space at any time but for replacement and refreshment, the power is greatest during these seasonal high energy times.

You will receive four clear 2 ounce glass vial bottles filled with this mixture of sacred herbs and minerals. Each bottle is marked which area it should be placed in. It’s very important that you put the North bottle in the northerly area of your home or room or office, as the East bottle should be in the eastern area, etc. They can be on the floor, on a window sill, or in a cabinet or drawer, but they must be placed intentionally in those spots.

Blessed Be.

Wish Pickle makes no claims as to the effectiveness of this product in producing ANY effect. Use at your own risk. Consider it a novelty.


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