Moon Phases Lunar Wall Hanging Garland – Metallic Gold – FREE Shipping!


Hang golden Moon Phases Wall Hangings all around your house. Hang them in a window where sunlight can reflect off of them.  This is a fun home accessory.

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The moon shapes are mechanically precision cut out of very heavy gold cardstock. They are connected to a gold-colored thread. They hang about 26″ long from the tied loop on the end to the bottom of the crescent moon and are about 3.5″ wide.


A wall hanging consisting of 7 shapes cut from heavy metallic gold cardstock depicting the phases of the moon, connected by gold colored thread. We try to always use the most minimal packaging possible; these Moon Phases Wall Hangings are mailed in a regular business sized envelope.

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If your Moon Phases Wall Hanging arrives with the thread broken or detached, a dot of glue will reattach the thread, or you can replace a section with other thread. Be aware that thread breakage and tangling is a real possibility during shipping.  Be careful when removing your Moon Phases Wall Hanging from packaging.



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