Solar Eclipse Water


Magic for Spells and Blessings – Untold Power

From the creator of this product:

“During the sacred and vital Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, I traveled to the path of totality for a magical purpose. I held a special ceremony and charged several gallons of water during the darkest part of the eclipse. I will be saving most of this water for my own uses and for future spells, but a limited amount is available to you.”

This is powerful Magick! A total solar Eclipse is a rare event and to charge water with it’s power is unprecedented.


What you can use this water for:

* Use it in your own spells. One drop will infuse your entire spell with its power, magnifying your intentions at least 10-fold!
* Add one drop to a tub of water for a ritual bath.
* One drop on your salt lamp will rejuvenate it.
* Anoint yourself or your loved one – a child or lover – for protection.
* It is said that ingesting it will give you special powers. Because this is an unknown please use only one drop at a time!

This water should not be used for mundane purposes! If you can use regular Moon Water for your magic, and it is strongly suggested you do so, and save this Eclipse Water for special spells and rituals.

This Solar Eclipse Water will only be mailed within the USA via Priority Mail.

You will receive 1 ounce of Sacred Eclipse Water in one amber vial with a dropper.

Storage suggestion: Keep your water in the original amber vial in total darkness so as to protect its power. A cupboard or the vial wrapped in a silk cloth in a drawer should suffice.

Wish Pickle makes no claims as to the effectiveness of this product in producing ANY effect. Consume at your own risk. Consider it a novelty.


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