Wish Pickle Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

We’re turning our eyes toward the holidays. Flower Child has been busy designing Thanksgiving and Christmas orders. 

The Journey
The next installment of The Journey is here! The family set out in their bus, not finished as they had hoped but warm and roadworthy. But something strange seems to be happening.  Number 2 here!
In the style of the old Last Whole Earth Catalog, we present the beginning of The Journey, the story of a family seeking something. Along the way
they have adventures. We don’t know where they’re going or what is going to happen to them but every week or so we’re going to add to their story. Read the beginning here: The Journey
 New products the week of October 30-November 6, 2017
Grateful Women’s short sleeve t-shirt: https://wishpickleshop.com/product/grateful-womens-short-sleeve-t-shirt/
I’m ready, got my fat pants on! We all know it’s true! Only $13!!  https:/https://wishpickleshop.com/product/im-ready-got-my-fat-pants-on-thanksgiving-day-short-sleeve-unisex-t-shirt
Christmas Gift Tag Leggings:  https://wishpickleshop.com/product/leggings-10/

And More!


Thanks for being out there, buying our products and believing in us.
Hippie Chick and Flower Child

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